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Chapter 1

The Escape from Cacophony Island

1.1 The Saga Begins

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Hi. This is Ellie again

I'll be your guide throughout the Chaotic Hotel Saga. I'm a magpie. a doctor, and very beautiful. But more about that later. For now, we need to get going because there's trouble in the air, and we have little time to waste. Anarchy has been growing and chaos has overtaken this far-off place on the Ethereum Blockchain called Cacophony Island. You might feel like you're living there now. Powerless and uncertain. Not knowing what to do. But not the Angry Honey Badgers; it's their homeland and they're furious. Enough is enough! They're done. It's been two tense, sweaty days. They know what to do.

Enzo, the leader of the island's Angry Honey Badgers, and his gang are planning to strong-arm their way onto the only way off the island. They're headed for the dock. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. 

Stay tuned, dear reader. We will start at the beginning.

1.2 Escape From Chaos

It was three bells into the afternoon watch when the captain finally gave the command for the Slow Boat to move away from the Island of Cacophony. It had been a difficult time here, even a bit frightening, as he would later note in the ship's log, so he was relieved to be making four knots away from this god-forsaken place

1.3 Panic and Confusion

The confusion of last night had intensified into the morning hours. The situation on the island had become untenable. While only ten rocks were thrown, they scored direct hits and seriously damaged the commissary's food storage hut. Hence the lack of adequate food and supplies. The Island, yet again, was earning its name. The inhabitants were now confused and near panic, trying to leave Cacophony Island in droves. They headed for the boat dock.

1.4 Act! Because He Who Hesitates is lost

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No one could have imagined such a mass exodus. And it was a lucky break that the Slow Boat that carried passengers to the mainland on an uncertain but "we are trying to be regular" schedule just happened to be at the dock this morning. But the Slow Boat wasn't big enough to handle the whole island exodus at once; there was room for only one group at a time.

1.5 The Highly Motivated Achieve Their Goal

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Most fit to win this competition, fearless and determined, with a 'never give up' and a 'don't piss me off' attitude, the Island's Angry Honey Badgers were the self-selected inhabitants to be the first group to leave.

1.6  Being Left Behind Sucks

Chaotic Hotel Pix 6.png
Chaotic Hotel Bespoke026.jpg

With The Slow Boat full almost to overflowing with Angry Honey Badgers crowding the deck, the other inhabitants of Cacophony Island were left on the dock to anxiously await escape on the next boat.
Flimflam Flamingos, Grunge Rats, Disenfranchised Penguins, and a cockatoo in trousers and a waistcoat. Impatient, they all would wait for the Slow Boat's return and make it off the island to their destination...the Chaotic Hotel.

1.7 You Can't Control Uncertainty

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As the Island faded into the distance, the captain noted in his logbook that if his crew could keep control of these passengers, they all might actually survive to reach their destination.

1.8 Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

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A midnight arrival was scheduled, and as hours slowly ticked by through the hot late afternoon haze and into a foggy, deathly still evening, Enzo, the superior Angry Honey Badger, stood alone on the foredeck.


1.9 Attitude is Your Essence

Chaotic Hotel Badger Base Character B-W final(PNG).png

He shared a peculiar trait with all inhabitants of Cacophony Island. Instead of being Identified by their birth names, they became known by attitudes developed in reaction to years of living in such an oppressive and confusing environment. RATs, they called them, short for Reactive ATtitudes.

As a result, Enzo was known by all as MAD AS HELL


1.10 Always Plan an Escape Route

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Finally, as landfall came into sight, he gave a shrill signal to his compatriots. Excitement coursed through the crowd. They all had their reservations in hand, acquired some weeks earlier, for the Chaotic Hotel on the mainland, along with invitations to the Hotel's annual Jubilee.


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