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The Escape from Cacophony Island

Chapter 5

Rendezvous and Aftermath

5.1 The Rendezvous

Chaotic Hotel Tallulah Behind Lobby Potted .jpg

No one had seen Tallulah slip out of the Stars Galore Performance Theater through a side exit. She quietly made her way back to the hotel lobby and headed for a hiding place behind the potted palm in a far corner of the lobby where the elevator rats were known to hang out. Offering a small bribe, she soon found a rat that agreed to take her to the fifth floor. So far, her plan was working perfectly, she thought to herself.


But what would soon turn out to be a very big problem, Crazy Girlfriend had also slipped out of a side door at the Theather. No one had seen her either, and she was also headed for the fifth floor. 

Chaotic Hotel Tallulah At 5th Floor Door Meeting Aint It Aweful.jpg

Upon quietly arriving at room 501, Tallulah wrapped lightly on the door. The heavy door swung open, and Ain't It Awful greeted her with a big hug, saying

     Come in, come in. So glad to see you.

     Where is Mad as Hell?


Tallulah whispered, almost under her breath, starting to cry.

     Oh, he left me. He couldn't take failure. 


Her mascara ran down her beak in rivulets, smearing her red lipstick.

She was a mess.

Chaotic Hotel Tallulah At 5th Floor Door Meeting Aint It Aweful with rat.jpg

The elevator rat, unseen, had followed her to the door.

Caring not at all about her dismay, he tugged at the fringed hem of her costume and demanded his money.

Through tear-filled eyes, Tallulah fished out a copper in her purse and whispered

     Oh gosh, sorry! 

Chaotic Hotel Elevator Rat At the 5th Floor Elevator Door.jpg

Paid and satisfied, the rat scampered quickly down the hallway and into his waiting elevator.

Chaotic Hotel Tallulah At 5th Floor Door With Aint It Aweful.jpg

Ain't It Awful pulled Tallulah into his room, slamming the door behind her. What are you doing here? She swooped down and kissed the top of his head as soon as he spoke.

     Don't you want to see me? asked Tallulah.

Hoping for no scenes, Ain't It Awful mumbled

     I think you should leave.

5.2 The Confrontation

Chaotic Hotel Tallulah and Aint it Awful 1.png

When Tallulah asked Ain't It Awful to make her a drink so they could sit down and talk about things, they were interrupted by an urgent knocking.

Chaotic Hotel Tallulah and Aint it Awful 2.png

Ain't it Awful cautiously opened the door and was shocked to see Crazy Girlfriend.

She stared past him at Tallulah. Her wide eyes turned to anger.


Tallulah stepped back from the door and, trying to control her anger, hissed

      What are you doing here?

Crazy Girlfriend pushed past Ain't it Awful into the room.

With her nose up and an air of haughty arrogance, she looked straight into Tallulah's eyes.

      What are you doing here? she hissed.

Chaotic Hotel Tallulah and Aint it Awful 3.png

I think you should both leave, Ain't It Awful said as he strong-armed them into the hallway.

5.3 The Bar Crowd

Chaotic Hotel Saga 53 4.jpg

They left, humiliated, and decided to go down to the bar and drown their sorrows.

Chaotic Hotel Bespoke037_edited.jpg

A lively bunch of celebrants greeted their arrival. It seemed that the rowdiest Badgers hung close to the bar. The Flimflam Flamingos were a sea of sparkle and shine. Not one of them had changed into street clothes. Their tap shoes sounded like castanets on the wooden floor. There was the usual jostling as they all tried to place their order for refreshments.

With their backs to the bar, Tallulah and Crazy Girlfriend paused for a moment to survey the scene at the far tables in the shadows. They watched and soon realized that they were not the only ones with troubles.

Chaotic Hotel Gus and FFF.jpg

Gus, a Honey Badger, was slumped over his drink at one of the larger tables, whispering to one of the Flimflam Flamingos, who tried to lean over so she could hear him.

Chaotic Hotel Saga 53 2.jpg

Smooth As Silk and Tough As Leather held court with Marlene and Appassionata, huddled at a small table in the corner. The lighting did not shine favorably on them.

Chaotic Hotel Smooth as Silk and Tough as Leather 1.jpg
Chaotic Hotel Saga 53 3.jpg

And to their right at the bar, Out Of Work Actor tried to impress a Flimflam Flamingo dancer in a sequin bustier. They could barely hear his banter above the din of the noise.

5.4 Three-Inch Chanel Heels

By midnight, everyone was well into their cups. Closing time was 4:00 am, so they all had time to amuse themselves with another round.

Chaotic Hotel Episode 5.4 5.png
Chaotic Hotel Episode 5.4 3.png

Ellie wandered in around 3 am at the end of her shift. If you recall, Ellie is a doctor and quite beautiful. She no longer carried a metal clipboard she used for patient notes at the hospital and had replaced her doctor's moccasins with three-inch Chanel heels. Her dress, décolleté, and short skirt hem showed off her legs. Despite being feathered, they were spectacular.

Chaotic Hotel Episode 5.4 Ellie and Sly Fox clear.png

One of the bar crowd, a Sly Fox called It Doesn't Work That Way, was immediately attracted to Ellie and hoped his sly fox reputation wouldn't put her off. He slowly maneuvered his way through the noisy crowd, and when he was close enough, he said 

     Well, hello there beautiful, can I buy you a drink?

Chaotic Hotel Epidsode 5.4 Ellie Sly Fox and Lynx clear.png

That just seemed too familiar, so Ellie looked around and waved to an old friend, a trustworthy lynx called Support Your Ambitions, to come and join them. In a low whisper, she asked him to whisk her away as politely as possible.

When they were out of earshot, the lynx, looking puzzled, asked

     What are you doing with him?


Ellie whispered in reply.

I'm not with him; I just took a break from my shift and thought I could meet up with some old chums. You seemed to come out of nowhere at just the right time. I'm glad you rescued me. Thanks

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