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You Haven't Been Everywhere

Until you've been Here

Chaotic Hotel

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My name is Ellie

I'll be your guide through the Chaotic Hotel Saga

I'm a magpie, a doctor, and quite beautiful. But more about that later.

...and, just to let you know, while we're beginning our Saga here on the internet, we'll be in the Metaverse soon! 

But don't worry. If you don't know what to do when we get there; I'll be there to guide you through it all. 

After all, as I said, I'm a magpie, a doctor, and quite beautiful.

For now, let's check-in at the Chaotic Hotel and meet Enzo.

Enzo is an Angry Honey Badger who will greet you with a rude "Have a terrible day."
He leads a gang of Angry Honey Badgers who were the first to escape anarchy a
nd unrest on Cacophony Island.


Chaotic Hotel Episode 7.1 4.png
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